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How we help clientsQuote-to-Cash Operations, Reinvented

To compete in a modern, highly-competitive marketplace, your business needs agility, responsiveness, and speed. Successfully bringing new products and experiences to your customers through subscription and consumption means changing your quote-to-cash value chain.

Loremex turns your quote-to-cash operations into dynamic, fit-for-purpose model centered around customer needs.


Getting Started A Plan for Business Success

Your quote-to-cash cycle is a complex, interconnected structure. To create the right conditions for optimization, Loremex conducts a comprehensive assessment of your entire quote-to-cash value chain—from your people and processes to your technology and data systems.


From our analysis, Loremex develops a roadmap that outlines how to maximize and build upon each piece of your quote-to-cash chain by identifying your organizational strengths and weaknesses, establishing what your optimized quote-to-cash chain should look like, and setting the right tasks and objectives to make it happen.

  • Current quote-to-cash maturity report

  • Future quote-to-cash blueprint
  • Short, medium, long-term roadmap
  • Access to your quote-to-cash future roadmap and plan in Loremex Portal
  • Dedicated quote-to-cash advisor on as needed basis

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